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Celebrate every moment with CHOOKA

Where Thoughtfulness Meets Choices
Express genuine gratitude with one click
Experience the power of gratitude

What is Chooka?

Chooka provides safe and simple ways to send positive messages and gifts to express genuine gratitude.


Hi Amazing friends,

Sometimes we can't help but wonder why we feel so isolated while being suffocated in the crowd. We couldn't be more socially connected today yet we feel so disconnected from others. It's ironic, right?


Chooka wants to help and bring everyone closer and happier. Instead of focusing on expanding shallow network indefinity, we want to find a way to foster the closer, and meaningful relationships that we have already or help develop one just like that.


Look around and take time to appreciate your family, friends, co-workers, mentors, and people around you who make up your world. If you are shy or you simply have forgotten how to show gratitude, Chooka has your back. Chooka makes it easy to express how much you appreciate them without any burden. 

Taking initiative is hard, but Chooka is here to make it fun. Soon enough, you will feel alive realizing how beautiful and successful your life has been with all these amazing, strong relationships you have around you. And if you can, make the ones around you feel the same way by simply reaching out to them today.

We are so excited that you are with us on this epic journey to live our best lives together.

Why Chooka?

Expressing your gratitude made easy

Experience stress-free gift-giving with our AI Assistant! It selects gifts, crafts messages, and helps decline unwanted gifts.

Unleash the Power

of Simple Gifts

Celebrate W's and embrace L's or reach out and say hello. Find that perfect gift for any occasion, maybe even a latte will do the trick! Don't let your good intention live in your heart rent-free.

Explore Amazing Locals

Discover the coolest local shops in your area! Get involved in exciting events and promotions, and become a part of the empowering community movement!

How it works

Yes, it's easy as 1-2-3!

1. Choose who to celebrate

  • What is the occasion for?

  • Choose a recipient first or wait after writing message

2. Look for a gift to send

  • See what's popular or ask our AI assistant for help

  • Check out your friend's wishlist

3. Give it a personal touch

  • No more struggling with your message with our AI Assistant

  • Create a card that leaves a lasting impression

4. Send Immediately & Get Anytime!

  • Scan or present the code at the shop anytime

  • Manage gifts easily

  • Give back or politely decline unwanted gifts without pressure!

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