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What is Chooka?

E-gift cards are changing! Chooka is a new gifting platform that allows people to send item-specific, personalized mobile gift certificates. Get your friend one now and deliver a memorable experience at the shop of your choice.

Why Chooka?

Enhance, Diversify, and Personalize


Easy Sending

Send gifts effortlessly
through your connected contacts!

Unleash the Power

of Everyday Gifts

Deliver Joyful Surprises with
Gifties on any time, any day!

Freedom of Personalizing

Deliver a message with
the gift knowing it will
bring a big smile!

How it works

As easy as 1-2-3. No need to ask for addresses.

Group 225 (1).jpg

Find and choose a gift to send

  • Pick an item for any occasion

  • See what's popular

  • Shared wishlist by your friends

Give it a little personal touch

  • Use our original designs

  • Create customized cards

  • Deliver the personalized message

Choose a friend. Celebrate the occasion
with a heartwarming message.

Send it to your friend instantly

  • Share through the contact information in hand

  • Instant delivery

  • Resend/remind your friend

Buy and send! Your gift will be delivered in seconds.

Be happy & Enjoy!

  • Scan at the shop

  • Manage gifts

  • Give or write back to spread happiness

Whenever ready, your beloved friend
will redeem the gift

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  • Sign up for the waiting list and become a beta tester (coming soon!)

  • Receive FREE gifts to use in your vicinity

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